Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fly Free, with me!


Hey Girl! Wake up and understand!
Like your normal human friends
.. I am not bland

Like birds flying high, or fish at deep sea
From places that scare others I gain
.. My greatest strengths

Like the Boab tree, Born to live free am I
What grounds this human world
.. Doesn’t ground me!

Like its rebellious roots, I've grown up free,
Unrestricted by earthen limits of life
.. Nothing confines me

Yet I fly the blue skies, with my rooted mind
Society’s unjust and archaic mushy wraps
.. Don’t entrap me

So, Hey Girl! Wake up and understand!
Stop judging me like your other friends, and
.. Join me, honey!

.. Together, let’s fly-free!

STEM issue: Check out and learn about the the Boab tree!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Messages of the heart

Can we ever define complex feelings in words? Can we?

As relationships grow on the Internet now-a-days, this write actually is a response to my wonder if words can ever actually express inner feelings with any more certainty than a soft touch, hidden smile or a momentary look! And as always, I am not sure I succeeded here either, in getting it just right.. so with no answers so far, my quest continues.. :)


From tiny atoms to galaxies very large
Attraction has proved to be a fatal scourge
Yet, such vast knowledge I gleefully ignore
Falter and fall for your intoxicating allure

I was always mesmerized by the full moon
Until I felt your beauty my senses swoon
With curves smooth and a smile divine
Your charm, a universe full of moons' outshines!

Never one to waste much time for heart’s messages
Yet in rapt awe am I, during our silly exchanges
Feel my inner chords reverb in perfect rhyme
As you softly stroll over in my virtual e-shrine

Words can never express such delicate wonders
They desert me as I stumble in speechless surrender
Wishing for the crescent smile, split-second looks
Or the soft touch that speaks, sans any poetry book!

As I sit here watching, I sigh and silently yearn
Wishing for a startrek-like teleportation machine
Taking us to mountains of refreshing velvet green
Where silent soft cuddles wrap our senses serene

Oh! why have me wrapped around your pinky?
Why can’t I break loose and as ever roam free?
Is my inner conundrums plain for all to see?
Painful pleasures inside, difficult to believe!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Blown by the river-like flows
... of your exquisite styles
To glimpse that heart-stopping style
... what would I not forsake?

Downed by the elixir toasts
... of your rainbow-hued silken smiles
To relish in that divine smile
... what would I not stake?

Sown forever desired seeds
... of your wondrous beauty’s fragrance
To float in such heavenly scents
... where would I not invade?

Envied, not for selfless deeds
... but in a race to be lost in your elegance
To immerse in such seductive grace,
... what treasures wouldn’t I trade?

So dear,

Float me high with whispery taunts
... let your warm breath be my solace
Choke me by those milky-white bosoms
... let softness ignite all my inner space

Tie me up with your seductive gaze
... let embers fly from those eyes
Strangle me with your soft embrace
... let total ecstasy precede my demise

Lost in your sheer beauty
... I see nothing else worth living for
Raging waves of passion
... Has transformed a lifeless pristine shore

Beauty has this proud heart conquered
... And a thoughtful mind has lost the war
As eternal love’s cycle of rebirth beckons
... Time too has paused to your seduction adore

Written to showcase how captive we are to fleeting pleasures so much so that we give up the rest of our lives in its perceived glory. This is to illustrate that the triumph of the heart always has to be balanced with the acumen of the mind. the 'pausing' of time is to indicate how the world at large stands to 'stare'.. not essentially adore!