Monday, December 2, 2013

Of Clouded Realities

Relationships, like priceless diamonds
Sparkle when flawless, or so we assume
Yet such tough structures form
By minor flaws that remain unseen

An atoms’ relentless quest for completeness
Forming bonds that cut through steel trusses
Useless dust turned into sparkling wonders
Constant pressure untamable strength infuses

Within family and friends too, minor flaws
Forge structures of enduring strength
Adding grit with resiliency unmatched
Indestructible by forces inside and out

Yet so often one lets these flaws cascade
Ego-driven forces eroding inner strengths
Objectivity clouded by unscrupulous speech
Clarity of purpose smudged, purity vanishes

Hence relationships, indeed like diamonds
Sparkle when flaws don’t its splendor subsume
As ego does simple common sense triumph
Large ugly inclusions destroy beauty pristine!

Ps. Relationships are like diamonds, flaws help forge strong bonds as it requires people to adjust their interactions. However, when they become large and un-managed, these very same flaws cascade and destroy the very foundations that make relationships ‘beautiful’ and ‘priceless’. Once such inclusions rear their ugliness, the cost is often very high, as such egoistic splurges, render the relationship broken and useless.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Morning Fantasy

Seductively hot, yet defenseless he sits lonely on the chair
As she smothers him with her naughty lustful stare
Eager to let her taste buds his lusciously hidden delights savor
Ah.. with her cup of tea she forgets the world entire!

ps. Just to reiterate, there are simple blissful pleasures which are still plenty in this world. However fast and furious we can say the world changes, these are simple addictions one never grows out of. Read coffee, chocolate, etc. for tea, and she for he, or its different combinations, and we pretty much have most of the people in the world accounted for.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ephemeral Mirages of Life

Synecdoches abound
Yet the gullible heart stubbornly refuses
Lulled by rainbow thoughts of purity
Hanging on… to memories bygone!

Travesty in plain sight.. yet willingly succumb
Locked within social structures of deceit
Lured into traps that always repeat
Emotional fools.. Yes indeed!

ps. I figured this needs an explanation - after some inbox'ed notes / comments. Well it is to highlight a reflection of how people - albeit learned, tend to stay in a cocoon of sorts, wishing things away, dreaming of brighter futures, etc. even when the realities are stark naked in front of them.. ex. abuse - physical, verbal and emotional, in relationships, while hanging on to some utopian sense of 'it will all get better' feeling - even after repeated evidences to the contrary.

The Abyss

Mesmerized I stared
Eyes forgetting to blink
At the spiral wishing well
coin funnels’ enduring spins
Conniving centrifugal forces
Only path forward is down
Alluring mystic dance… enchanting
Pulling every coin, without fail
Black-hole like, into depths unknown

Baffled I watch
Mind filling unseen gaps
Winding through familiar scripts
Stunning pinpoint accuracy
Ravaging emotional forces
Weaving constrictive spirals
Raw emotive tango... enthralling
As humans falter, without fail
Into the abyss, without self-control

ps. A write to reflect on how we as individuals grow up to fall into predictable patters of interpersonal relationships in life.. Oftentimes the same script plays out over and over and I am amazed to see how people hardly learn from such experiences.. Intelligent beings' are we? I guess the jury is still out there for a vast majority of humans, including myself!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ode to Mars

Stone cold russet brown glare
Melting memories and fears into future dreams
Smitten, seducing human-kind

entered for Shrey - MAVEN Project

Oh! My Limerent Heart :)

Oh my limerent heart, what can’t I do with you?
Oh my limerent heart, what can I do without you?

The boon of my energies, the bane of my worries
The verve of my drives, the cradle of my silent cries

The source of infinite inspirations, and that of myriad perspiration
The reason behind my mystic smile, and my life’s detoured miles

The object of my desires, the subject of phoenix-like satires
The window to my pining heart, the door to some experiences tart

The spark for my wishful memories, escape from daily drudgeries
The twinkle in my ever-lost eyes, my hearts’ delectable spice

Oh my limerent heart, what can’t I do with you?
Oh my limerent heart, what can I do without you?

Unstoppable Human Vanity

What’s with the world?
For long have we repeatedly believed
That change is the only constant
Yet when history lessons are studied
One sees humanity’s foresight stagnant

Wars, poverty and ravages of human vice
As predictable as life always leading to death
Yet in cotton candy-like castles of self-induced grandiosity
We live, glossing over mountains of strife
Collectively encased in ephemeral shields of profound vanity

Before death beckons.. ask yourself.. Have you lived any differently!

Abstinence Succumbs to Desire

The smooth curvaceous body
Dotted with glistening beads
Shining like diamonds
In running fresh-water streams
Trickles slide and trick my wavering mind
Tempting views push
my heart and choke my throat
The desire to touch and the desire to hold
Flood my entire being
To succumb and touch
Or to abstain, apocalyptic-like wars ravage within
Eyes lead the charge, while the mind
Throws speed bumps of caution
Waves of desires conspire relentlessly
Deceiving my hand from reason
Tightly gripping the racy curves
And pushing my lips to the depths of desire
Giving in to temptation I sank my parched lips
Satisfied though an abstinence cause lost
My delightful tryst.. how have I missed you
Devilishly lusting for the refreshingly
Sugary liquid in the new bottle of pop!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sin City Chronicles

Staring down from my airplane window
Soaking up hues of a desert nights’ retreat
Beauty at its best, yet feeling lifeless
As my heart down on the strip lingers!

Milky clouds stealthily mask my fading views
Unstoppable waves of emotions gush through
Welcome reminders of the cycles of terrestrial life
Joys and sorrows don’t always at one place reside!

Secrets built and buried forever unto eternity
Secrets that aren't captured by biographies
Secrets that have helped many grow wise and holy
Secrets that have often escaped tombstone eulogies!

Whimsical hearts churn delightful wild rides
Shifting sands of time doesn’t ever subside
As the receding horizon embalms brief respites
Inner vices always let the phoenix rise!

Wonder what secrets lie warped in one’s simple denials
Human weaknesses constantly hidden by sand dune burials
Boxed deep in hidden memories, failings oft left untold
Countless many tales as the deserts’ sandy folds!

Ah! my sweet sin city Vegas, You impress me once again!

STEM Concept: What if you had everything you wanted? Would you
still work on something you are interested enough to work without a
compensation just because you like what you are doing?
That, is what your parent / teacher meant when they said 'follow your
heart'! A great many in LV possibly followed their hearts, but there are
a lot more there who followed their materialistic dreams.