Thursday, February 5, 2009

Be mine tonight..

Find her..

Your warm sensuous figure, re-energizes my fatigued soul
Distant angel soft whispers, sends delightful shivers up my spine
Piercing diamond-like eye, releases silky passions that envelop
Intoxicated just thinking of you, kicks up memorable storms within
Flooding my whole-being breathless, yet.. feel total pleasure, no pain
Oh! undeniable queen of my night skies, my ageless wonder
Walk down from your lofty perch and be mine, just for tonight!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spoken Words..

Is evaluation season, hence in the past couple of weeks I have been in some introspective mood - wondering on the impact of words and what are some of the intrinsic reasons as to why people suffer / feel its impact!

Hence this write..

Infinite questions clogged my mind
My naive heart never did fear portend
Ifs, buts, and why nots? often screamed
As the river of life, colorfully streamed

I wondered what, if any, were my deft dues
To revel and enjoy its warm, endless hues
A simple rule, yet too often one gets entangled
A rule that leave the gregarious, dumb-founded

Like ice on snow-capped peaks, timelessly frosty
Packed deep are human emotions, frail n’ flimsy
Careless words, as unchecked melts attracts debris
Ravages over time choke, to sorrows unleash!