Friday, February 1, 2013

Sin City Chronicles

Staring down from my airplane window
Soaking up hues of a desert nights’ retreat
Beauty at its best, yet feeling lifeless
As my heart down on the strip lingers!

Milky clouds stealthily mask my fading views
Unstoppable waves of emotions gush through
Welcome reminders of the cycles of terrestrial life
Joys and sorrows don’t always at one place reside!

Secrets built and buried forever unto eternity
Secrets that aren't captured by biographies
Secrets that have helped many grow wise and holy
Secrets that have often escaped tombstone eulogies!

Whimsical hearts churn delightful wild rides
Shifting sands of time doesn’t ever subside
As the receding horizon embalms brief respites
Inner vices always let the phoenix rise!

Wonder what secrets lie warped in one’s simple denials
Human weaknesses constantly hidden by sand dune burials
Boxed deep in hidden memories, failings oft left untold
Countless many tales as the deserts’ sandy folds!

Ah! my sweet sin city Vegas, You impress me once again!

STEM Concept: What if you had everything you wanted? Would you
still work on something you are interested enough to work without a
compensation just because you like what you are doing?
That, is what your parent / teacher meant when they said 'follow your
heart'! A great many in LV possibly followed their hearts, but there are
a lot more there who followed their materialistic dreams.