Friday, December 16, 2011

Defeat Spirals

Few years ago, over a cup of Javan mocha
A professorial colleague of mine quipped
How come from the land of murugas and durgas
People drift so easily to trades in technology
…. As if their destinies played well rehearsed scripts

Reflections took me deep thru times bygone
Since I have been able to vividly remember
Surrounded by ancestral tales with deep values sown
Create, destroy, protect cycles with pride begetting
…. Ones with vices of greed and rash temper

ITs’ needs for concepts such as abstraction, instantiation
Protection, security, adaptation and polymorphism
All have parallels embedded into the mystical Hindu religion
Yet for long, one good analogy I missed was that for recursion
…. That seemed to have no real Hindu syllogism

So near yet so far, so had I reconciled as years strolled by
Yet, on and off could feel invisible wraths of ancestral drapes
Until I returned to this homeland to see queer social circles unfold
Recurring rule I observed that attempt to do thy ones
… what thy deem as thy rights unfairly denied..
… rueful social interactions by denials reshaped
… in a recursive descent spiral!

Ah! may be it is this sweet evolutionary slated spot
In which we seem to run in endless intersecting circles
Actions that often creep out of irrational pride and emotions
Or may be this is how human destiny has being wisely scripted
Never able to climb higher than a few hundred years before..
… as humanity over the passage of unrelenting times
… like lost in the ever moving sands of ignorance
… recursively in mirages of pride and ignominy stumbles

Note: This was a result of my trying to reconcile why we (those of Indian descent) are good at reasoning - as needed by the IT industry, but still seem to not really 'evolve' as we need to be the best we can be. For example, we seem to buy into 'emotional' dogmas that goes by way of some lame examples. for example: from a mother's perspective - my daughter is made to do this and that at her inlaw's place, so I think I need to expect the same of my DIL, even though in principle I dont really agree to what my daughter's in-laws are expecting of my daughter - but instead of questioning that I kind of agree and even practice it in my home! This is kind of a convoluted way of explaining the evils of recursion, but these 'socially right' strategies seem to drive us down into being lesser mortals in some ways.