Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quiz Poem

Be it moonless nights or summer’s scorching days
Your need for constant attention has me dazed
When gleefully happy, you completely ignore reason
Sometimes I wish I could charge you with treason

Whether I’m asleep, at work, study or having fun
Does not seem to be of any of your damn concern
Even if I am a bit late, you never forget to remind
Oh! why do you such rapturous attention demand?

I know though, that you are my one and only friend
I also know, that I always to your demands succumb
You know that I cannot live in the world without you
My scourge yet I cant find someone better than you

STEM Concepts: Science Quiz


Glowing orange and ruby red scenes
Replace springs’ shades of refreshing green
Setting the scene for cold and frigid nights
The cycles of nature always sets things right

Fiery hurricane driven raging storms
From spring showers and days of warmth
Set the scene for winter’s aurora lights
The cycles of nature always sets things right

Existence filled with pleasure, nothing to spare
Abundance-led complacent life caught unaware
Leads to dreadful depths of gloom without respite
The cycles of nature always sets things right

Moments of passion plants nectar of vulnerable life
Moments of fury fuels vile stress to death comply
History has repeated itself with no end in sight
The cycles of nature always sets things right

Why do we believe in salvation logic, so very surreal?
When natures’ evidence points to perpetual cyclic gruel?
Forever doomed by nature to revere in false delight
The cycles of nature always sets things right

STEM Concepts: Life, Cycles and Logic-gate!


Wishes for spring during icy winter storms
And in the summer heat for autumn’s calm
Like lives of many, have seen this all along
Wine is fine, but sometimes need Tequila fun

Makes me laugh, human kind’s whimsical tastes
Makes me cry, seeing lovers one another berate
Mad crave for things that lie just beyond
We forget life is a speckle in time’s magic wand

Why then be burdened by emotional strains?
Why can’t we some traits loathe and disdain?
Traits that belittle this already minuscule life?
Traits that swindle our joys with all their might

When emotions hurt and you wince in dire pain
Step back friend, from those outbursts refrain
Your time may freeze and expand, and fate laugh
Pleasure is just ahead, do let go of sorrow fast

Sure you may like your roses red with no thorns
But if all flowers were that wouldn’t you frown?
So are your fellow beings with their quirks and all
Love, respect and rise over differences.. big or small

STEM Concepts: Diversity, Conformance, life's small, yet critical differences

Yet Another Day

I got up early on New Year's day
Strolled out... sat in the garden
Out there over the sluggish clay
A lovely red rose did things brighten..

To watch the sunrise.. I did wait
Eager to see the colorful dawn
It seemed the same.. lively and bright
But yet another year has gone..

Soon I saw bees buzzing down the sky
Crowding upon the little red flower
With the sweet nectar they did fly
Giving way for the sloppy gardener..

The gardner seemed too very happy
He told me about last night's blast
He was a bit too tipsy
Soon he left to quench anothe' thirst..

I looked at the shrub again
It didnt look the same
I sensed it was unhappy, but in vain
Without the rose, drooping in shame..

In the evening I slowly tread
With a hard heart to the garden dear
I found it had yet another bud
And the shrub, once more prouder..

Life is such my sweet dear
To us humans or a flower
There is nothing so very dear
That does to you endear.. lasting you forever...

STEM Concepts: Time

Invincible Forces

A small indestructible army to die for
First, a guardian of beauty and unbelief
Second, forceful and destructive if angry
But often evokes soft and soothing relief

The third.. a wonderful cradle of compassion
Sometimes teams with the fourth for fiery delight
The fifth.. a beauty so very mysteriously unique
Likely cause for all of mankind’s future strifes’

STEM Concepts: Invincible Forces


Destined since time begun, my dear moon
We stayed hot, in times of sorrow or fun
You always knew, I have ambitions intense
True to my name, no lame excuses in defense

For calmer times, you always wished a boon
Actions of mine, burnt you ever so often
Forever you knew, I had to my force sustain
My only wish, you do not my love disdain

As you shifted gradually, I had no tribune
Born to serve mankind, spell of mighty bune
Like shifting grains of sand, as time went by
Towards earth you drifted, beautiful and shy

Some greedy choice of yours, I’d never regret
Reigning queen of my memoirs, sweet vinaigrette
I’ll forever provide, rays for your soothing shine
Help you grow younger with time, like aging wine

Object of human fascinations, and wildest dreams
Reason for earth’s rhythms, and scary screams
Remind them dear, true love will always respect
A true heart in love, will never hurt or forget

STEM Concepts: Moon

Fantasy World

Look at your shadow, you'd know
We're living in a fantasy world
there ain't a thing u can't let go
humans are always mean and cold

nobody e'r loved you from the start
nobody ever your feelings understood
all that they gave was a broken heart
why should you vanishing sorrows brood

Don't be afraid to lose
what was never meant to be
there is a lot you can now choose
Why dont u the truth foresee..

STEM Concepts: Change

At What Price, Liberty?


Hear many a person doubt
the real price of liberty
Cite balance sheet gimmicks
Crisis-creation machines
Induced economic slavery.. they say

Furthermore… they continue
Shock and awe is futile
A doctrine.. they add
That led to ancient Rome’s
Sharp curve of decline

Still.. see them seek capitalism
Total disregard for mutualism
Don’t balk at divisions galore
And tolerance lacking to the core
Yet vehemently crowing all along
… the depths of their patriotism

Knocked at its knees
Humanity never at their fore
Un-remembering that we..
are an interconnected whole
Infinite falling knives..
we do collectively hold

Yes liberty does cost!
But what does it mean
Worth more to an individual
than to entire nations
Self-respect the primary notion

So.. you don’t want liberty?
Ok! before you such words utter
Go try living a day
In Darfur or Zimbabwe
Taste suppression, you’ll know!

STEM Concepts: Interconnected


Beyond being engaged..
Professed proclivity
History lessons relearned
anew everyday
Existence enslaved to automation
No time for reflective insights
Persistence?... to outrace hype
Dogged perennial chaos
Illusions of invincibility
Sarcoidosis of the soul!

A moment disengaged..
World drifts at a distance
Relief from maddening chores
Reluctantly relax and relent
Time to stop and ponder
Fallacies of human civilization
Vanishing strands of humanity
by extreme
Wind tunnels of expectations
Reflections of a laid back soul…

Yet... balance fuels fears unknown
Heart yearns 'in'! Herd-like..
Momentary solace.
Yet silence is deafening
Evolution… leading us down
Hand in hand.. comforting
Walking down the pathway
Like wings on termites
Fatefully destined
Gregarious obliteration.. Enmasse!

STEM Concepts: Fool's Paradise

God's World?

If god had created the world
I think he created two
One.. our mother earth
For the disliked wife.. by presto

And another.. that takes all his time
For the debauchery filled second
So he never comes around
to see peoples' misery here.

STEM Concept: Eradicate Human Suffering

Valentine Day Message

Churned into living together among the milky white seas
Shaken up ferociously by strong passionate jet winds
Some trapped in highlands, while some to oceans descend
Some forgotten for eons buried in vast galactic deep freeze

Together we controlled the destiny of living things entire
Now human-kinds’ follies help us reconnect with lost relations
Yet our eternal separation helped rich and diverse life sustain
Why then do they dismiss ominous signs as works of satire?

Let today be when the warmth of love begins in earnest to diffuse
The maddening shift towards the inevitable wrath of destruction
Send with those sweet kisses a note calling your valentine to action
Make them stand up and the might of numbers to this cause infuse!

STEM Concepts: Global Warming

Cognitive Dissonance

Wings of dusty fire, infinite icy cold tail
Instill awe-filled fear, brilliance to behold!
Always in haste, galloping at a quick rate
Wishful lovers delight, celestial wonder sights
Out from unknowns, delivered life to earth
Timeless secrets buried, deep and impervious
Lessons for mankind, in your flashes delivered

Rare comets of the mind, fire sparks so bright
Virtuoso wow insights, a heartbeat from thinkers
Minds’ innate beauty, tested and nature-verified!
Cognitive dissonance.. like cosmic perturbations
Spurs inquisitive minds, spiking dazzling insights
Split-second brilliance, sink bubble-thinking drones
Plutocracy and one-upmanships, never good harbingers

Yet, adrenaline-driven wars, for morsels insignificant..
Bureaucracy-infested world, tears drown have-nots
Capitalism-driven famines, future burdened
Like a pebble before the eye, basic needs’ gone invisible
Lulled mediocrity, fueled by pandemic complacency
Blinded… by blunders of collective human stupidity
Slowly, surely sunk by narcissism of small misunderstandings…

Floated by interminably unrelenting brouhahas…

STEM Concepts: Our World


Where ever I go I have heard
Wants far more than a meal or bread
Wants from my fellow human kind
Wants that have driven existence blind

I have heard wishes for shiny gems
Or their fancy for luxury whims
Wants that seem to have no end
Wants that many a life succumbs

Rarely have I heard wishes to share
Rarely have I seen people not compare
Not yet seen someone wish for hunger
Or pain and sorrow to help become wiser

How could one know, feel and savor?
Days and nights without cyclic wonder
Such is laughter and pain to one another
What's life worth.. if death never lingers!

STEM Concepts: Life's Beauty


Waiting patiently in the airport for my delayed flight
WiFi free, confounded stress ends its iron-clad strife
Tired yet not sleepy, mind soars in leisurely delight
Its gates open to a world shun by fast-paced life

Quiet moments, forced time-out, room for quiet solace
From life’s marathon struggles, reflecting joyful past
Ah! brief respite to rich and colorful memories embrace
Soon forced to embark on endless runs to nowhere restart

Why has life become onerous to savor such sublime joys
Why the world so engaged with such maddening rapid pace
A heart never content, over-winds your life without rejoice
Simple truths, by tech-forced respite from the rat race

STEM Concepts: Life


Dinner chit-chats often drift
To topics wide and deep
Solutions to worlds’ problems
Truths, core inner beliefs
That makes every person tick
And ones’ life worthy to live

Most spoke of principles, rights
And, of course wrongs
Like these were set in stone
Reluctantly I spoke of inner courts
Where final summary judgments
Need to be really and truly won

Indistinguishable grains of sand
in a concrete mixer universe
We know not why we are here
Or for certain what future holds
Strange then how deep beliefs
Succumb to rote societal divisions

… In towering mirages of wonderland

STEM Concepts: Creation

Find me

The largest person in your family tree
You help make music so enticingly sweet
Your cousin is fodder to earth’s herbivores
Attract earth’s most venomous creatures
Eerily beautiful, charming forests you make
Help raucous, belligerent fools rampage break

STEM Concepts: Science Quiz

Who are we?

Invisible forces these majestic three
Deeply felt by all, including you and me
The likes of which you will never see
Their valor, not so difficult to believe

The first is fundamental to all forms
Alive or dead, they all from it do come
The second is the reason for our seasons
Without the third, oh! will we ever be?

If I have to these, to something equate
It’ll be like first love.. ever so delicate
The first ignites in you the primeval flame
Enticing your mind into romantic games

The second, blinds you when it arrives
We forever succumb to its sweet surprises
The third only manifests in time to every man
With the long honey-do lists from his women

STEM Concepts: Science Quiz

Soap Bubble Universe

Last night, gazing the skies
From my minuscule abode
that we call mother earth
I wondered in gaping awe
at the infinite star-filled
endless night skies

Questions flash across
Stumped all human minds
What’s out there
Who and why am I, I?
What’s the purpose
Of this insignificant life?

Morn’ Daddy! babbled my son
Come gee it rize… ma' bubblz…
Pure joy… unadulterated…
Yet here I dozed being lost
With so many questions
And so few answers…

Saw my tiny one playing
With his soapy bubble magic
In the company of a
flickering man-made light
Tiny, tiny window of revelation
Yet no other rejoice compares…

I see the earth’s reflection
As the soap bubble expands
What if we’re a speck of dust
On the soap bubble universe
Everything will seem going away
Just like the scientists have found

Ah! my child.. I do see the world
Defined in your toddler plays
Like the expanding soap bubble
Wouldn’t the universe always expand
Is the 50-cent soap water?
the elusive answer…

To physicists' dark energy questions?

Sample STEM concepts: Math, Logic, Physics

The abacist

What is life? I wondered
But simple moments in time
Signified by events, occasions
That leave a lasting imprint
On ones’ impressionable minds..

What is death, I thought
Yet another event in time
That comes unannounced
And leaves an ending imprint
On some impressionable minds..

Do the laws of conservation
Hold for life and death
If ‘death’ signifies being dead
What does it mean to be alive?
A string of life events?

Yes! said one dear friend
In the abacus of life
Events cause beads to slide
Between being alive and dead
I pause… to hear my inner voice

It asked.. is time the abacist?
My caveman counting insight
Not knowing to move some beads
Must surely the abacist delight..
… Clouded inner conundrums

And.. my inner voice continues
Why the imbalance for many?
Time-space dimensional balance?
Through trials and tribulations
Of reincarnation and rebirth?

Or… Are all things, living or not
Part of a finely connected whole
If big bang were indeed true…
Then… I am you and you are me
Coming from the same place you see?

It's then our common abacus...
Hmmm... Yet, I still wonder…

Sample STEM concepts: Math, Logic, Physics

It's I, My Friend...

Deep in the outer frontiers of science
Researchers too seek answers… not easy
A problem you have eloquently defined
Inner child’s uneasy question, ‘Am I crazy’?

Yet, no seer-defined pathways for answers
Science does follow art for very good reason
Involuntary memories dig up lost treasures
Our brains’ two halves’ never act in unison

Proust and Woolf defined mind’s daily parody
Contradictions found buried in all humanity
A lil' crazy doesn't spoil you me or anybody
What's the harm in being what was meant to be!

Simple words spoken, a treasure for eternity
Puzzled by my inner characters’ multiplicity
The I’s make me wildly narcissistic and crazy
Trailmixes to trace tomorrow's time mysteries

Our mind knows no one commander supreme
Daily struggles between vast vicissitudes
Joie de vivre’ moment for all human beings
When ‘I’ knows ‘me’, without incertitudes

Sample STEM concepts: Self-support

Symbolic Interactionism

From simple lives of our ancestors
Wants cramping childhood years
Forced to grow up fast and furious
Just so as to compete and stay afloat
We welcome progress…. they say

Wild hypocritical cravings unlimited
Desires wrought with chauvinism
End cause lost in material comforts
Unchecked success rotting our edges
Mankind’s rapid strides…. they say

New life unfolding in cyber interludes
Innocence lost… to Ritalin and Prozac
Forgoing our primeval sense of oomph
Enslaved by Viagra, Cialis and Levitra
Yet, our sordid lives unfolds in... they say

proud circles of symbolic interactionism

Sample STEM concepts: Modern marvels, online friendships

Quid Pro Quo..

Like shiny valleys of volcanic ash.. Colorful delicate ‘n fresh
Yet it simmers deep below… Biding for time.. Quid pro quo

Eased slowly into your life… Silently instigated invisible strife
Sly concerns I showed… Inner joys! Ah! Quid pro quo!

Broken heart, open sore… Memories mirrors, patches galore
Wince in pain deep below… Waited my turn, Quid pro quo!

Wonder if you’ve really forgot… Deluge of anguish brought
Discarded, with no recourse… Payback time, Quid pro quo!

What goes up will come down… Would I my fortunes frown
Celestial cycle to even scores… Reversed fate, Quid pro quo!

Dark vengeance? No pretense… Can savaged hearts condone?
Winner take-all game in truth… My time for joy, Quid pro quo!

Sample STEM concepts: Physics of life

Philosophy of Three..

Between the extremes of visual zones three
Lies the magic gift of rainbow hues to see
Between the extremes of audible aural cues
Wrapped is the beautiful gift of hearing you
Within the enclosed edges of lines three
Pythagoras begun the world of geometry
With the eyes of artificial moons’ three
Modern man charts humankind’s destiny
Energies shaping this world for you and me
The moon worked all the might of its gravity
Raging seas carved the first peaks and valleys
Balanced tilt lets life root and four seasons be
So is love that begins with force so fiery
Immense at first, to build our joint destinies
But needs space and time to grow complete
When perfected, life is filled with harmony
So began, you me and our tryst with destiny
Your love gave life, we share in all its beauty
Your leash is turning my world queasy
With deep roots, lets embark to shape humanity
Give me space, give me my time sweet honey
Do learn from these abundant philosophies of three
Neither life nor death, I’m somewhere in between
My yes’s and no’s are maybes now, don’t you see!

Sample STEM concepts: Physics, Math, Sciences, Philosophy

Virtual Lover: Thank you...

The fog…

Endlessly rolling in from the ocean
I stare.. into the vanishing horizon
Wishing in vain for the foggy magic
To bring me your message in a bottle

A message…

For which I have waited for years
Agony, yet the pleasure of expectation
Ah! What pleasant feelings of hope bring
When hurt and pleasure become neighbors

As neighbors..

I wonder how our minds still live and bridge
Distance.. then in space and now also in time
Your virtual presence in my fleeting thoughts
Glorious epiphany.. frozen across my time

A epiphany..

Lost now for lovers by life’s constant travails
Yet out of sight has not been out of my mind
I close my eyes and you drift towards me
Instantly I feel renewed and whole again

A power..

Thanks to your gift of eternal virtual love
Soothes my pain, boosts reflective imagination
I can see the sea kissed by the orange sun
And feel the heavens hug the mountain peaks

Thank you dear,

You have taught me to dream and helped me live
Escaping mankinds’ curse of stagnation and boredom
Lighted me a magical pathway of Ulyssean fold
Course unaffected by this worlds' morbid monotony

Sample STEM concepts: Time, Distance and life

Love and Embarrassment

Caught you for a second in passing
Just, just a bit by the blink of my eye
Yet felt like a bolt of lightning
Knock all my senses down

Felt my ever-reasoning mind
Stop and shudder in revolting chaos
My legs stopped obeying
Heart raced in pure excitement

Resistance silenced and succumbed
Invisible magic of pure treason
Pleasurable sweet revolts in millions
Floodgates open to mutinies all round
…Shaken, stirred and gripped

Exhilaration inexplicable to any reason
Crumble battle hardened indomitable fences
Downed by your soft hand’s warmth
Lost like ice in searing desert sands
…yet…. Longing for more…

Ah! What pleasurable pains…
What invisible sights…
What indescribable feelings…
A divine moment?
.. nah! Embarrassment…

Sample STEM concepts: Biology


I’m the supreme truth, some say
The beginning and the end
Know everything that ever was
And everything that ever will be
Equally liked.. and disliked

All knowing… all powerful
Mystical, yet innate
Blamed for miseries
As much for successes
Omniscient silent witness

… then, now and forever!

Sample STEM concepts: Test of time




When reasons evolve in circles
With no clear signs to what’s right
I wonder
Why focus on a pathway to truth
When deep answers border
on relative-logic?


When personal context blurs logic
And bias spurs irrational choices
I wonder
How can one balance and reconcile
With their uneasy and conflicted
inner self?


When life is a zero sum game
Between moments of birth and death
I wonder
Why focus on name and fame
When dearth lurks
all around?


When ones’ life is full of pretense
On hold to memories from the past
I wonder…
Does it make ROI sense
for the eternally
wounded heart?

Sample STEM concepts: Logic, Business, Balance

For the Curiously Irresistible You

Like monsoon rains breaking up the summers’ heat
You came out of nowhere, breaking my monotony
Know not the reason for all your questions replete
A treat though, erasing long shadows of melancholy
Barricades of emotions wrapped in unknown fears
Cruel life! Why rekindle delicate sores of yesteryears?

If I replied in monotones, you said I spoke too coldly
With a pretense of anger, dissected my wounds anew
And if I spoke truthfully, you said I spoke too boldly
Soft wonderful dichotomy, my lost spring renewed
Razor-thin separations between sorrow and happiness
Sail away with me honey, riding our rainbow’s promises

Await.. watching the rainbow.. Irresistibly Curious .. Me..

Sample STEM concepts: Cyclic patterns

The Happiness Kaleidoscope

Has any plant ever cared to know
Where the heat comes for it to grow
So did you, didn’t waste a second to know
The love which helped heal your sorrows

A whirlwind of time together, dear honey
Where you came from, I did not bother
That you were there was by itself epiphany
My shoulders blessed, just to be there

Just as we know not where life comes from
You cared not, from where happiness stemmed
Lived long to know each human is on their own
Yet valuable lesson taught, Misery - be scorned!

Life isn’t endless to pause, brood and grieve
Unshackled minds, live free, enjoy and die happy
When the sun sets, doesn’t another day dawn?
If this earth explodes, wouldn’t another be born?

Sample STEM concepts: Mutualism, Moving on, Change

Cursed: Gridlocked Logic?

Mother Earth! you have been often angry
Floods, famines and fire, undoing families
Destroying paddy fields of emerald green
Berserk killing sprees, made us defensive be.

Wishes for lifetime of tranquility
Developed seeds to withstand fury
Machines to your scourge flee,
and protection walls for rising seas

Yet power, greed and lust turned against thee
Like forces in stars, humankind’s vices three
Spirit lost in cause-effect logic for eternity
Can tit for tat rationalization deter reality?

Sample STEM concepts: Logical irrationality

Intelligent beings - are we?

Horizon of duels.. Sad hearts, rational minds
Life-stories of… Simple strife-filled lives

Gathering storms.. have good minds clouded
Wretched love.. has sincere hearts shrouded

Even as the skies.. open up and cry
Raging fires of sorrow.. wouldn’t subside

Even as the lands.. open up to consume
Floating tides of anguish.. in hearts bloom

Minds unable.. to caution longing hearts
Hearts falter.. and act their aching parts

Hard lessons in defeats.. taught over eons
Like clock-work repeats.. in all echelons!

Empty raucous claims.. to superior intellect
Yet foolishly succumb.. to myriad of mirages

Sample STEM concepts: What is Intelligence?

Balancing the Extremes

Where ever I go I have heard
Wants far more than a meal or bread
Wants from my fellow human kind
Wants that have driven existence blind

I have heard wishes for shiny gems
Or their fancy for luxury whims
Wants that seem to have no end
Wants that many a life succumbs

Rarely have I heard wishes to share
Rarely have I seen people not compare
Not yet seen someone wish for hunger
Or pain and sorrow to help become wiser

How could one know, feel and savor?
Days and nights without cyclic wonder
Such is laughter and pain to one another
What's life worth.. if death never lingers!

Sample STEM concepts: Symmetry / Balance

Symmetrical Balance

Walking the pathway of life
We reach those times
We instinctively know
when one has to choose

Such times do define
In black and white
Defining what is human
Which carry intense emotion

Such opportunities abound
The times to script
To write memories of a lifetime
To consider depths of affection

Yet during those times
Seen many stumble, fail
For making hard choices
Where life’s mysteries prevail

When such a time comes
my dear friend
Think and choose smart
To reach that elusive balance

Yes, life isn’t easy to live
without wealth and fame, but
Life without touch and warmth
Wealth with affection, without blame

Sample STEM concepts: Symmetry / Balance

Immigrant travails

When I was young
Heard my teachers’ talk
What ones’ life is about
Think, they said,
Make the right choices
And stick with ones
that’ll success portend
Choices that will never
your life’s promises betray!

True.. sheer hard work, and
hours of tireless sweat
made each success
so much more sweeter
Life as a student,
choosing a career,
or even a partner in life,
as.. success lined all.. and
everything in between

But now, why, oh! why!
Do I still feel lost?
Invisible thorns prick,
haunting my waking hours
As I travel a fragrance-filled path
lined by a million flowers
Why do I now always have
two correct choices
to all of life’s questions?

Neither here, nor there,
Heart in two lands
Body in one
Chasm so deep
In an ocean full of islands
Life of a train track waiting
For that forgotten train
To feel whole again

Brutal choice to have
Caring for ones’ that helped
you reach for the stars
And roll in the magical dust
of unadulterated success
Or the ones that now bring
Joy to your every day
Beautiful choices, yet
Burning you from inside

Sample STEM concepts: Effects of Globalization

Spare a Moment's Insight

Look into the future
how can you not see?
Evaporating dreams
of future generations
Slowly but surely vanishing
like the morn’s early dew

A material world possessed
Fervent with a fanatic desire
to ravenously consume
and impervious to reason
How can we be passers-by
Ignoring passionate voices

Compressed natural cycles
Indomitable droughts and floods
monster hurricanes and hunger
Casting a tightening noose
on derelict human-kind
Expediting apocalypse

Why then be comforted
by snake-oil claims
Selfish and unashamedly wooed
lulled into complacence
When all it takes is momentary
reflection and introspection?

Sample STEM concepts: Reflection, Ethics

Of course, Opposites attract

Fiery orange rock
Wondrous tryst
With the cold moon
Sustains enigmatic earth

Beautiful mystic moon
Wondrous tryst
With turquoise blue oceans
Energizes invisible winds

Silken smooth winds
Wondrous tryst
With floating cotton lumps
Supports life-giving rain

Precious silvery liquid
Wondrous trust
With soft tiny seeds
Births strong hard trees

Tall evergreen trees
Wondrous tryst
With colorless sticky clay
Leads to colorful fruits

Sweet delicious fruits
Wondrous trust
With your sense of smell
Awakens insatiable hunger

Your feelings of hunger
Wondrous tryst
With my brusque sense of valor
Fosters feelings of comfort

Mutual feelings of comfort
Wondrous tryst
With irreversible tides of time
Builds magical love
… Opposites attract

Sample STEM concepts: Solar system, life

My Red Moon

Shy and beautiful driver of life
Just out of reach over the horizon
Forced world of solitary strife
Bound forever by trysts of demon?

Yet not lost your smooth glossy shine
Perennial source of human inspirations
Source of feelings so sublimely divine
Eclipsed by dark shadow of illusions

Your forlorn struggle to our cause
Bondage like no other I have known
Silent witness to our histories past
And the secrets to how life bloomed

With earth’s dark shadow’s touch
You take on colors of reddish hue
Priceless.. to see your eternal blush
Glad to be among the blessed few

A mirror of reflection to ancestors past
Keeper of faith for generations to come
With my fellow beings today I pause
To thank you, my beautiful red moon!

Sample STEM concepts: Space

Enviable Pair

To everyone’s envy,
born an inseparable pair
On a solitary mission
to protect and to serve

On icy nights, rain or shine
cool or hot weather
Colorful, indispensable,
forever live with a verve

I wonder at times,
at your celebrity depiction
Without you, some
lose heart to roam the world

Often forgotten too;
cast as a symbol of derision
Yet stealthily
seeking your comfort,
like gold

If I were born again,
I wish a life like yours
A beautiful pair,
... perfect
like images in a mirror
Oh! the abuse you take
for long endless hours
But with a lover nearby,
aint that life perfect dear?
in sad or singing weather..

Answer: Flip-flops, shoes, slippers

Sample STEM concepts: Inventive societal need

Love-Life-Space Equivalence

Aha! My dear, I see you are at it again
Thumbing the lush tapestry of my pains
Knit together by our indulgence and binge
Why such pleasures in seeing me twinge?

Wish I clued in then to what I see of you now
And not be blinded by the joys love bestowed
Wish I had stepped back and reasoned with calm
And seen the straight line to this apocalyptic storm

Why heart? Why be enticed by love’s black hole
Why willingly subject to the stripping of your soul?
Mystical fields of tumultuous emotional attraction
Lead to a dreadful day of oblivious obliteration

But thanks dear, you have made me reason beckon
This proud heart won’t be lost forever, love-stricken
If love were indeed like the black holes of the world
Escaped souls like mine support life, bright and bold!

Sample STEM concepts: Black holes, time, space

Who am I? Take a guess...

Sailing along swiftly in far off seas
With you.. that humans so much relish

Maddened by constant churning waves
Your patience.. wears thin and you misbehave

In an instant, you crack the ships sturdy hull
Dying sailors.. cursing what cast such evil spell

You are the world’s shield against hunger
Would you.. ever put human lives in danger

Some careful choices when loading at the port
Would’ve helped.. this tempest in mid seas avert

Sample STEM concepts: Absorption


For years I have been carried
By thoughts so very varied
Wondering about..
The miracle and mystery of words..

There were times..
That I've felt greatly miserable
When some words..
Did made me happy feel
And yet some more..
Silently did my heart steal

And there were times..
When everything seemed right
Then some words..
Did make me sulken feel

And yet some more..
Opened sorrows' seals..
Into my happy world..
Is it not very funny..
That when one sweet word..
Could put you on the top

While another wrong word..
Could rock you to the core
And yet some more..
Could make you eternally sore..

A word said right..
Or a word said wrong
Could make you feel..
So very nice or torn
Don't words carry..
Such immense power and mystery

Don't we easily find..
Unforgettable proofs..
in all of our history
and in our short memories..

I wonder.. if the elders were right...
That the pen..
Is mightier than the sword..
Makes me also wonder
If our elders were true
In all other matters too..

Sample STEM concepts: Effective Communication


From dusk to dawn, all through the night
With you lying on the floor next to me
We will take the meaning of love to a new height.
With the heat from the logs on the fire
Our bodies will melt together as one
As we find satisfaction in our desire.

We will make programs until the morning light
And when that time comes there's only one thing in mind
When can we escape from it all for just another night.
All I want for the moment is twelve hours
I want to feel your soul melt to mine
This moment in time is mine, yours and ours.

With love and desire,
You drive me crazy,
You set my body on fire.
It burns within me,
The heat of our passion
The flames inside me burn deeply.

All I want for the moment is twelve hours
I want to feel your soul melt into mine
This moment in time is mine, yours, and ours.
Just give me twelve hours, just give me the time
I want to have you lying next to me
Just give me the night to have you as mine.

Sample STEM concepts: Programming

Hey Man! You Can..

Back in the distant land of mine
With every year that passes by
We wait for the monsoon to come
And fill our streams with water
Which turn into beds of stone..

We wait for days and months
until the showers come
Pouring for days and nights
Turning the barren land of ours
Into tiny islands between streams..

Then the rains disappear
And so do the streams
And we wait..
For the monsoons again..

Such has been my life
Like the land I come from
Happy for a tiny moment
A beautiful and priceless
island of peoples dreams...

When the seas are low
Amidst the oceans of sorrow
And with the next wave
It disappears into the unknown
But not dead for long..

It bounces back yet once again
Some where on the vast surface
of earthly life..
Reminding me...
Hey Man.. You can..

Sample STEM concepts: Perseverance / Regeneration

A star has descended

Lonely Me..
Caught unaware
Felt like innumerable stars
Had descended from the skies

Lovely Her..
Seductive stare
Can soothe a thousand scars
Such astonishingly beautiful eyes

Stupid Cupid..
Arrows beware
Your taunting with us interferes
True hearts’ love knows no caprice

Bubbly Us..
Unforgettable fanfare
Cruising the city's thoroughfares
Our aching hearts’ felt sweet surprise

Our Home..
Spring forever
Time has multiplied loves' shares
Bundles of joy... colorful butterflies

Sample STEM concepts: Science to everyday life

Searching for you, forever

Why did we begin together since birth
If to be alone for others on this earth

Intimate partners so fiery
Intended destination so starry

You are forever the epitomy of my love
Why then a self-destructive candle above

Thought you’d help me to my final destination
Not burn up midway with exploding emotion

Together we begin all of our travel
My ever so beautiful... launch vehicle

Do u see my wander with tears at night?
Suspended in space, in perpetual flight...

Sample STEM concepts: Satellites

My Moonshine

Poets who about love write
Never miss the moon by night
They say it stands for beauty
Personified by its charming calmness
But I don't feel they are right
Deep inside I see a better sight
Since I have known u my sweety
And u did my life with love bless
I wish we could hold tight
You glow more than the moon at night
And bring out loves' beauty
With a fresh air of happiness!!

I long for the day we would meet
And dream of how we will greet
Time will stun and stand still
Clocks will forget to tick and roll
The first kiss, wont it be sweet
Frozen forever as our life's treat
Memories will our hearts chill
When we later memory's lane stroll
Life always seems to badly cheat
Letting us have no sweet retreat
Even if love does our hearts fill
Life has displayed its cruel droll

Sample STEM concepts: Relativity, Need for Patience

Lessons and Scars

When first I knew of our love I said
Honey, when we first kiss
The feeling will be such
Like the tenderest spider's touch
Clocks will forget to tick and roll
That moment will freeze
Upon our memories walls..

Now, everything still seems the same
For you and me but not us both..
You feel the tingling spider's touch
While my time has frozen still
I still kiss u in my dreams
While you have crossed many a stream
Of lifes' joys and happiness.. :-)

Still I am not down and beaten
You wont be ever forgotten
Cause you are etched deep within
You are, but a part of me..
My heart might be lost, my soul's not
My will... as strong as ever dear
I'll stand up and walk.. I'll walk alright..

One day you'll see and learn
Things from this proud man
Then you will know and understand
That if you are strong within
Nothing can rock your tiny world
And today's lessons will always be
Tomorrow's forgotten scars..

Sample STEM concepts: Involuntary memory

Messenger from God

To my bedside came a messenger from God
To find our if I have lived a life of shame
Said.. Welcome my friend, I have been tasked
To discern the best years of your life past

About what do you want to know my friend
My carefree childhood that knew no end
Or my tantalizing teenage years galore
Where my oceans of joy knew no shores

My tempestuous twenties with fun filled ladies
or my tranquil thirties with diapers and babies
Is it my fun-filled forties, or fabulous fifties
My sublime sixties, or superlative seventies

Why don’t you go back and bring God this message
If only if ya'll can wait for yet two more decades
I'd make it my elixir eighties and nostalgic nineties
So I’ d have enjoyed ten decades of life’s beauty.

Sample STEM concepts: Aging, life span

Moon: Silhouette to my Life on Earth

Reborn at twilight with a beautiful round face
Waxing and waning with every passing day
Hiding in the shadows of invisible black veils
Silent witness to everyone’s worldly travails

A silvery silhouette to my nightly abode
Cool, calm and refreshing to sad weary eyes
Eternally mysterious than the Turin shroud
Unquestionable queen of many a heart’s rejoice

Periodic clock work that this world captivates
With shyness that the poets of this world motivates
Distant, yet close friend to the world’s beach lovers
Provider of waves for the bold indomitable surfers

Sneaking deftly through my window blinds
Soft delicate shine soothing me to sleep
Helping me unwind from yesterday’s grinds
Soul refresher as my tomorrow's problems creep

Sample STEM concepts: Periodicity, Sleep cycles

Walk with me.. They said..

I walked a mile with happiness
Asked him for words of success
My friend, the failures you fake
Can help you successes rake
Then... the choices you make my friend
Can help you that illusion extend

I walked a mile with sorrow too
Asking him for advice askew
Chances you take, my friend
Can show you a winning trend
And… choices you make my friend
Can help you success befriend

Sample STEM concepts: Career Choices, taking the tough roads

It’s all about choices, My Friend

New college life, years without strife
Dreams aplenty, of places and bounty

Wrong choices made, know not what to trade
Onto paths to nowhere, not true friends unaware

Darkness worshipped, memories short-lived
Slippery slopes, bright future slowly elopes

Spoken words profane, prodding and snuffed insane
Friends in disdain, beyond feeling any pain

Unable to cope, wish a tiny beacon of hope
Doorway to death, counting to last breath

No wounds or cysts, stung by lustful trysts
Starring death cold, invisible to the outside world

Words promises wasted, reality stark naked
Future un-bright, undone by reckless delight

Sample STEM concepts: Career Choices

Measure of Success

As the rising of the sun;
oozes courage with its light
And the ascent of the moon
brings fear of the night

So is the world of happiness
effervescent for ever
Great is the world of darkness
make it your endeavor

As the arrival of a human
brings the moments to enjoy
And the departure of one
makes one lose their joy

Thoughts of sorrow never dread
life is but a transient game
Conquer happiness and fears
then you will reach your aim

Life comes, but it will go
remaining for years or for hours
But that which will timelessly flow
real achievements of yours

Sample STEM concepts: Relativity in Measurements

Our Solar System

I wish I were the sun
And you.. my only planet
the way we'd together run
Can we then
one another forget?

I'd be with you
Forever bright
and always new
I'd be happy too
with all of 'only' you!

Sample STEM concepts: Solar system

Hiroshima talks to Nagasaki

Across the gateway of my heart
I put up a board no entry
But peace passed thru that part
Did you also grant it an entry?

Now just past our 50th anniversary
Old memories are haunting me
Those that made the world worry
Those which destroyed you and me

Memories that will forever linger
In the annuls of humankind's history
Memories that leave many with anger
Events that highlight mankind's cruelty

I wonder if you do also see
Memories that like the oceans swell
Living companion of yours from history
That only your heart can spell

To every new born in my town I wish
Child, when you grow up live such a life
That on earth.. human souls will never perish
And to Gods' envy.. heaven’ll have greater strife

Sample STEM concepts: Nuclear force

Face it

If you don't like your shadow
You cant run all day long
As fast as you can
Without looking back
Until the moonless night comes
You will soon run again.
'Cause it will catch on..
You cant run behind those trees
Or dive into the charming seas
Man always wants to succeed
And the moment you try
To surface
Or to reach the top
Your shadow catches up
So are your problems..
You cant hide, you cant pass
You have to confront one day..

Sample STEM concepts: Physics, shadows, light,

Unmask - Live Free

Our pasts have shadows so very long
Our present... does it to this world belong?
When together, joy fills our memories' lanes
Why then, should we try... to this explain?

Our life is short, a tiny, passing speckle
Why then fear and live hurtfully single
Why not live to our heart’s desires
Why fear... this world’s satires?

Societal rules are but vanishing lines
Forever shifting, like the deserts' dunes
Why should we to society surrend?
Why do we not such hurts amend?

Why such unscalable imaginary prison walls?
Does being together not one another enthrall?
Why then such silent and painful suffering?
Why wait.. to see what if any.. time'll bring?

So, let's wipe our tears and wear our smiles
Let’s sweep this world with irresistible styles
Unmask, let them see us be wondrously free
Like a sweet, blooming cherry blossom tree

Sample STEM concepts: Rules, Procedures, etc.

Mysterious Life

Pitch darkness of a moonless night
All alone and silently stare
Longing for a moment’s pure insight
Destination unknown… the end... where?

Tiny islands of joy… separated by oceans of sorrow
Lighted by momentary stars that flicker by
Abated breath… which direction to follow
An unrepentant heart’s tears have run dry...

Wandering deep… and then some more
Warping back into familiar miseries
Open boundaries… but caged indoor
Stumbling along… one of life’s mysteries

Sample STEM concepts: Thinking outside the box

Talismanic Love

Oh! talismanic love, you make senses inferior
A veil over pairs of eyes, of gathering storms unaware

A turbulence of two minds, messages none can decipher
A maelstrom in two hearts, together on lost trails to nowhere

Voices that only they hear, pleasurable screams and shivers
Images that only they see, in sad, or singing weather

Such delightful spells cast, two lovers’ dreams deliver
Oh! Talismanic love, you also make the sciences inferior!

Sample STEM concepts: Art versus Science


Across the fields of limitless time
Across the depths of endless space
Why does my heart with yours rhyme?
And my mind with your thoughts race

I try to forget with my head facing down
Or I try to forget with my head held high
You follow me as shadows on the ground
Or like the stars on a moonless night sky

What can I do I am not sure
What can I say I am not clear
But with you I feel assured dear
Like a child in front of a mirror

Sample STEM concepts: Planetary motion, distance, time

Virtual Lover: Where Are You?

Once upon a time
not long ago
Remember, U spoke to me
of the rainbow, the clouds
and the beauty of the stars
I never learned to appreciate
Stars that twinkle at night
Indeed they are so very beautiful
but somehow they don't
charm this poor heart of mine....

Since the day we talked
I have been thinking
about how I had missed
the beauty of the stars
Now I think I know
The reason for my ignorance
I guess I envy them and
life here on this earth
Compared to what we are
Aren't the stars so very far....

We both can see the stars
But not each other
I think that's what
makes me ignore them
and wonder how
We could see them
from so very far
But see each other
only on the lucid walls
of our throbbing hearts

Sample STEM concepts: Distance and time, Cyber relationships

Melancholy: A Cinquain Experiment

Ice cool maiden
Brutal surprising choice
Arduous wintry street ahead

Sample STEM concepts: Seasons

Devil in me: Change

Is it plain for everyone to see?
This irrepressible devil in me
It says change is constant honey
Everything is transient as can be.

Late into the night it startles me
Deep inside it baffles me
I very much loved that oak tree
Now a creeper adds to its beauty

Life is such.. says the voice inside me
How can you not such beauty see
All things dull and fade you see
Then why are you scared of me?

It continues... It is your life my buddy
For that you must rediscover thee
While my mind strongly cautions me
My heart acts in total mutiny

How did this demon besiege me
Why is it working in total glee
Is it plain for everyone to see?
This irrepressible devil in me

Sample STEM concepts: Constant change

Love Once, Love Forever: My Moon

Destined since time begun, my dear moon
We stayed hot, in times of sorrow or fun
You always knew, I have ambitions intense
True to my name, no lame excuses in defense...

For calmer times, you always wished a boon
Actions of mine, burnt you ever so often
Forever you knew, I had to my force sustain
My only wish, you do not my love disdain...

As you shifted gradually, I had no tribune
Born to serve mankind, spell of mighty bune
Like shifting grains of sand, as time went by
Towards earth you drifted, beautiful and shy...

Some greedy choice of yours, I’d never regret
Reigning queen of my memoirs, sweet vinaigrette
I’ll forever provide, rays for your soothing shine
Help you grow younger with time, like aging wine...

Object of human fascinations, and wildest dreams
Reason for earth’s rhythms, and scary screams
Remind them dear, true love will always respect
A true heart in love, will never hurt or forget....

Sample STEM concepts: Creation of the Earth

Un-infinite Time to Love and Care

Why not grow to love and care
Why not learn to speak and share
For we have only one little world
Where the heat of life 'll soon turn cold
Time has no beginning or an end
How can we not broken fences mend
In this twinkle of time that lowers
And bestows us with lifes' flowers
There's nothing that is impossible
Nothing is ever so terrible..

So lets live life to its fullest
Lets in this short life invest
And try to see heaven on earth
And enjoy every new birth
Lets not sorrows dread
Or a hostile path tread
Learn not to be rash and unkind
Together lets new frontiers find
Lets learn to inadequacies offset
Giving one another a new facet..

Sample STEM concepts: Heat, Energy, Time, Space, Exploration

The Virgin Earth

Born an enviably sweet virgin
Tumultuous times in this universe
Much to all other siblings chagrin
Charted yourself an unique course
A powerful, invisible shield finding
To deflect rays of apocalyptic force

Covered in a soft soothing blanket
Thick soft hues of colorful milky white
Mystic crowns, vibrant sparkling trinkets
Wrapping you... seemingly infinite
Environment conducive to germinate
Unique beautiful miracles called life

But lo! pillaged and plundered over time
No respite for much needed console
Like a diamond that has lost its shine
Ragged, beaten and an unhappy soul
Desecrated in places beyond recognition
Code-named by humans... ozone hole

Sample STEM concepts: Environmental Consciousness, atmospheric shield

Nature's tears

From amidst pure white clouds you descend
To quench the thirst of all lifes’ demands
Washing the sins of all living things galore
Finally end up saline, unable to freely soar

Turning for help from a friends’ burning rays
You break the shackles of brine over many days
Flirting in the skies with the virgin trade winds
Your travails to serve humanity yet again begins

Albeit you, would earth’s heart be moist and soft?
Would it sustain mankind’s rape, repeated so oft?
Oh.. why so forgiving? Why not the oceans’ froth?
Forever patient, sparing us mother nature’s wrath…

Sample STEM concepts: Water cycle

Peace: Tongue with a Twisted Bone

Something I dreamed…
World in one piece, ever calm and cool seas
Countries at peace, never having to appease
A home where I meet, all relations a treat
Inside a person happy, never being sloppy
Something I aspired…
The ability compete, without anyone being beat
The courage to speak, without having to squeak
The mind to treat, equality for all life replete
The power to treat, help everyone be un..weak
Something I achieved…
A career complete, but life for many bleak
A society in retreat, by my techno speak
Relationships made obsolete, by fellow geeks
A house to speak, a home incomplete

Sample STEM concepts: Environmental, social issues versus personal balance

Pathways to the gates of heaven

For long had I wondered
The real meaning of human life
Always intrigued by a flower
Reasons why, I was unaware

Something in those beautiful petals
Hidden in their heavenly smiles
Was the meaning of things entire
Fools of the world, beware

Lying awake in the nearby lawn
Staring upwards for times on end
Rays of reason, ignorance bridged
Knowledge here, truly abridged

To each petal, jealousy devoid
The flower does its scent spread
Lightning of pure wisdom struck
Boundless joy runs amuck

Life’s purpose so neatly dispersed
In world’s features, delicately soft
Friend, nothing in this world entire
Follows you around, forever

So, dare to dream and dream to share
Dare to gleam and gleam to spare
Giving makes you Gods’ torchbearer
Gates of heaven… that much closer

Sample STEM concepts: Plant biology, liquid diffusion, chemistry of scent

Lessons of Reflections… Celestial Mirrors

Intense internal commotions, shrouded by velvety clouds
Façade of peace projected, yet unabated fires within
Of volatile mayhems inside, to be indirectly deciphered
Just as your namesake planet, the ever beautiful Venus

… Aptly associated, Yes, you… Woman!

Like a lost ship to nowhere, bleeding red for all to see
Years of tears crystallized, clueless.. barely survive
Frozen unions build painful abscess, pin-pricked life
In limbo as namesake planet, claret rock of allure - Mars

… Aptly described? Yes, you… my man!

Compromise in between, blanketed green, at times turbulent
Common middle ground, blue planet, delectably pleasant
Fate binds us together, why pine for barren lands of yore?
Let celestial lineages melt away, in the rare jewel - Earth!

… Let’s build paradise, Yes, uniquely ours!

Sample STEM concepts: Chemistry, physics, astronomy, environment