Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Mirage of Human Time...

Strolling down the train yard
Amazed by the parallel tracks
I see the floating mirage …
They join together at the horizon
Beyond which I can see no more

Questions pry my reflective mind
As it attempts to fathom
the distance to the beginning of time
and silently wonders’ …
Is there a real end?

I have always seen people talk
..about unending days and nights
and the sun, moon and the stars
Yes, they have stood they say
The test of ‘human time’ …

Cycles that nicely fit in short time
And some within a lifetime
We notice… and sometimes learn from
Yet cycles of many lifetimes
Eludes and escapes… our collective sights

Bigoted cycles man initiated
… fanned by the bubonic plague
Strasbourg - October 1349 - days of shame
Still haunts from beyond those centuries
Yet in 1939… bigotry and shame renewed!

Lessons unlearnt, across many generations
I wonder… if mirages are the only constant
As visceral fears of the unknown
Poisons and silently takes man down
Where even the best amongst us, is shamed!

Just as the tracks join at a distance
I sense time merging at both ends
Before my birth, and after my death!
Yet our mind’s eye can see much more
… if only we would stop, reflect, see …

.. and learn
.. from time’s interwoven mirages!

Result of my wondering if we as humans, ever 'see' things in a time frame that is beyond our own lifetimes. We talk about reaching for the skies, standing on the shoulders of ones before, but do we, really? I would say not.

May be that is what greats like Franklin, Lincoln, Gandhi, MLK and Teresa were made of, the difference in how they reached to see far beyond their own life and time into the future!

Yet collectively, we falter.. as humans, over and over again! Succumbing to the same poisons of fear, jealousy, hatred, vanity, etc. and perpetuating the same results..

Monday, March 9, 2009

Forgive, and live..

Rolling restlessly on my bed, constantly changing sides
Unforgetful minds’ weight, crushing with all its might
Repeated reflections of a mind frozen, shackled to time
Imprisoned, unable to escape the ravages of human grime

Boundless seething anger hidden, yet so clearly visible
A mind unwilling to pursue things tantalizingly possible
Left banished in a quagmire of morass, wounds fester
Even silence screams aloud, as my eyes parched for tears

Like soft, yet strong effervescence you one day strolled
Just as irritants on mantle folds help make rare pearls
Iridescent smile and the velvet smooth talk of comfort
Rescued from my memory’s quicksand that refused to forget

Thank you, Honey, for showing me these vibrant blooms
Thank you for the time to clear my canopies of doom
Anger diffused, heart so light, seeing vivacious sights
Beautiful lessons learnt, through unforgetful plights!


Written for those that spend years enslaved by things that do
nothing but plague and cripple the mind.