Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ode to Mars

Stone cold russet brown glare
Melting memories and fears into future dreams
Smitten, seducing human-kind

entered for Shrey - MAVEN Project

Oh! My Limerent Heart :)

Oh my limerent heart, what can’t I do with you?
Oh my limerent heart, what can I do without you?

The boon of my energies, the bane of my worries
The verve of my drives, the cradle of my silent cries

The source of infinite inspirations, and that of myriad perspiration
The reason behind my mystic smile, and my life’s detoured miles

The object of my desires, the subject of phoenix-like satires
The window to my pining heart, the door to some experiences tart

The spark for my wishful memories, escape from daily drudgeries
The twinkle in my ever-lost eyes, my hearts’ delectable spice

Oh my limerent heart, what can’t I do with you?
Oh my limerent heart, what can I do without you?

Unstoppable Human Vanity

What’s with the world?
For long have we repeatedly believed
That change is the only constant
Yet when history lessons are studied
One sees humanity’s foresight stagnant

Wars, poverty and ravages of human vice
As predictable as life always leading to death
Yet in cotton candy-like castles of self-induced grandiosity
We live, glossing over mountains of strife
Collectively encased in ephemeral shields of profound vanity

Before death beckons.. ask yourself.. Have you lived any differently!

Abstinence Succumbs to Desire

The smooth curvaceous body
Dotted with glistening beads
Shining like diamonds
In running fresh-water streams
Trickles slide and trick my wavering mind
Tempting views push
my heart and choke my throat
The desire to touch and the desire to hold
Flood my entire being
To succumb and touch
Or to abstain, apocalyptic-like wars ravage within
Eyes lead the charge, while the mind
Throws speed bumps of caution
Waves of desires conspire relentlessly
Deceiving my hand from reason
Tightly gripping the racy curves
And pushing my lips to the depths of desire
Giving in to temptation I sank my parched lips
Satisfied though an abstinence cause lost
My delightful tryst.. how have I missed you
Devilishly lusting for the refreshingly
Sugary liquid in the new bottle of pop!