Thursday, October 23, 2008

Inner Demons.. A Perspective

Pessimistic me…

An invisible speck in the fabric of time
Trapped inside an aging mortal frame
Cruel indeed, your perishable wisdom
Hey! Man, what can you ever become?

Optimistic me …

Countless selflessness acts, not random
Extending beyond ones’ minuscule lifespan
Impressive ability to rise above storms
Hey! Man, what can you not become?

Pessimistic me…

Recurrent episodes of self-fulfilling truisms
Driven by dogged cliche-trapped minds
As sentiment overrules wise pragmatism
Hey! Man, what can you ever become?

Optimistic me …

Altruistic deeds driven by a limitless mind
Unshakable beliefs driving collective empathy
Extraordinary sense for compassion so divine
Hey! Man, what can you not become?

ps. Written for a good friend nearing the completion of a BS degree - a bit overwhelmed and confused by recurring self-doubts and available choices. Written to put things in perspective and succeed.

Related STEM Concept: Lifetime versus Scope of a variable (in programming)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Relativity! That's what its about!

Blinding bolt from nowhere
.. on a warm sunny afternoon
Stunned me.. your angry spite!

Know not what spurred that strike
… yet your irk-enhanced beauty..
Leaves me in speechless wonder

Fiery-stare scorches me deep inside
… single sigh melts dragon breath
Leaves me panting for cool sprites

Spoken words so sparingly few
.. searing face makes desert winds
Seem like luxury oasis retreats

Ah! dark incense-driven beauty
.. Help me float over the seven seas
Fragrance... burning! Yet, heavenly

Angels of death, do you hear me?
Come right now.. quick, get me
Aint nothin’ worth now to live for

…. Let me die, wildly happy!

Related STEM Concepts: Use of relativism in Science - performance evaluation, grading scales, etc.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Frankenstein memory

As carefree warm summers lead to winter
Senses lulled by magnificent snow showers
My rational mind wanders, lost and numb
My heart speaks out in despair, out of turn
Ah! help me conquer… this tyranny
Of my unintended baloney!

As the towering waterfalls end in the river
And as all raging rivers end in the sea
My vain attempts to forget you dear
Ends in my terribly missing you
Ah! help me defeat… this tyranny
Of my wounded destiny!

As I set sail.. far away to rest and reconcile
Damn.. your thoughts stalk and haunt me
Unable to escape - live free, yet caged inside
My thoughts desert me to play hide and seek
Ah! help me vanquish… this tyranny
Of my Frankenstein memory!

PS: This was written for no one in particular! It was written just to illustrate that we humans can be our own Frankensteins! Limitations, or better yet a curse of one's own mind - the ability to NOT forget!

Related STEM thoughts: Biologically, I wonder if this is the limitation that we are 'born' with (or created to be born with) - so we always 'run' in perfectly laid logical circles - conundrums that every generation is wildly happy to rediscover, truths that in reality are never really new! In programming - specifically issues of dangling pointers and their unintended consequences - i.e. security breaches.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

In awe of you...

In Awe of you...


Like a spinning ballerina on ice
Arms strung in, close to the core
Unequaled elegance and perfection
Diamond-studded, electric sensations
Overshadowed by monotonous daily life
Of insipid tales that fail to inspire or engage
Finger-pointing world with myopic focus
Sparring feuds eclipse reflection and pause
Incredible lessons learned just observing you
Lurking in your shadows truths’ aplenty
Jewels of wisdom so amazingly unique
Tidbits of data fuel questions infinite
Lost in your mystic, days I can burn
Know fewer answers before I ever begun
Layered so deep, secrets so infinite
Intricate labyrinths of knowledge buried..
My damsel… a treasure trove.. to explore…
ps. Who is this damsel?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Camphor Dreams

Closet wannabe dreams of aristocracy
Whether born enslaved or totally free
Innumerable childhoods lost to greed
Impressionable lessons learnt too early
… of voodoo world economics

Faustian bargains for pleasures momentary
Respect and honor.. words too perfunctory
Cloaked in layers of moral-toting hypocrisy
Impressionable lessons learnt too early
… of lustful human fallacies

Scrap for credit, shun real responsibilities
Prefer brinkmanship over true diplomacy
Unfeigned quest for all things monetary
Impressionable lessons learnt too early
… of smoking mirrors strategies

Loud claims taint hollow democracies
Flimsy egos drive ravenous bureaucracy
Unbridled joists leave basic ethics buried
Impressionable lessons learnt too early
… of unashamed grasps for glory

Impressionable lessons learnt too early
… unfortunate drivers of delinquency

ps: Guess the reason for the title..?