Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Impregnated Moon

Strolling down dark alleyways
Cool, breezy, full moon night
Hear death whispers of autumn leaves
Even in somber they carry me
Through ancient days
of pre-modern wonders

Fly past many broken hearts
Akin to modern life
Yet the full moon shined as bright
See virgin desires uprooted
Rainbow fields are ever
Savagely impregnated

Such is human life, dear friend
Whispers a passing angel
Even as the entire world
Rains arrows of taunts and sorrow
Smile and keep … A calm fa├žade
fed by dreams of bright futures

Step out and watch the full moon
Lose yourself in her youthful smile
Despite forever frozen dreams
She lives with the eternal smile
Sayin’ … ain’t nothin’..
You can’t ever let go!

So smile, my friend.. and live
Dreams of tomorrow rejuvenate life
More colorful than any fresh wound
Life’s lessons embedded..
in small everyday wonders
When your dreams dry, dear

the angel again whispered, you die!


ps. For some reason when I saw the moon tonight it seemed impregnated (by futile dreams) over millions of years of abuse, yet it holds a fresh smile! Ah! I love the full moon! See a picture here -

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very True !
The moon symbolizes that life has its ups and downs like the waning and the waxing of the moon.
However it motivates us to keep dreaming and to try our best in turning our dreams into reality !