Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ephemeral Mirages of Life

Synecdoches abound
Yet the gullible heart stubbornly refuses
Lulled by rainbow thoughts of purity
Hanging on… to memories bygone!

Travesty in plain sight.. yet willingly succumb
Locked within social structures of deceit
Lured into traps that always repeat
Emotional fools.. Yes indeed!

ps. I figured this needs an explanation - after some inbox'ed notes / comments. Well it is to highlight a reflection of how people - albeit learned, tend to stay in a cocoon of sorts, wishing things away, dreaming of brighter futures, etc. even when the realities are stark naked in front of them.. ex. abuse - physical, verbal and emotional, in relationships, while hanging on to some utopian sense of 'it will all get better' feeling - even after repeated evidences to the contrary.

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