Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Abyss

Mesmerized I stared
Eyes forgetting to blink
At the spiral wishing well
coin funnels’ enduring spins
Conniving centrifugal forces
Only path forward is down
Alluring mystic dance… enchanting
Pulling every coin, without fail
Black-hole like, into depths unknown

Baffled I watch
Mind filling unseen gaps
Winding through familiar scripts
Stunning pinpoint accuracy
Ravaging emotional forces
Weaving constrictive spirals
Raw emotive tango... enthralling
As humans falter, without fail
Into the abyss, without self-control

ps. A write to reflect on how we as individuals grow up to fall into predictable patters of interpersonal relationships in life.. Oftentimes the same script plays out over and over and I am amazed to see how people hardly learn from such experiences.. Intelligent beings' are we? I guess the jury is still out there for a vast majority of humans, including myself!

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