Monday, December 2, 2013

Of Clouded Realities

Relationships, like priceless diamonds
Sparkle when flawless, or so we assume
Yet such tough structures form
By minor flaws that remain unseen

An atoms’ relentless quest for completeness
Forming bonds that cut through steel trusses
Useless dust turned into sparkling wonders
Constant pressure untamable strength infuses

Within family and friends too, minor flaws
Forge structures of enduring strength
Adding grit with resiliency unmatched
Indestructible by forces inside and out

Yet so often one lets these flaws cascade
Ego-driven forces eroding inner strengths
Objectivity clouded by unscrupulous speech
Clarity of purpose smudged, purity vanishes

Hence relationships, indeed like diamonds
Sparkle when flaws don’t its splendor subsume
As ego does simple common sense triumph
Large ugly inclusions destroy beauty pristine!

Ps. Relationships are like diamonds, flaws help forge strong bonds as it requires people to adjust their interactions. However, when they become large and un-managed, these very same flaws cascade and destroy the very foundations that make relationships ‘beautiful’ and ‘priceless’. Once such inclusions rear their ugliness, the cost is often very high, as such egoistic splurges, render the relationship broken and useless.

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