Sunday, March 27, 2016

Soothing Poetry

What would one do
How could one overcome
How would we not
To unrelenting
Storms succumb
Where can one find
To ease the pains
How’d one stop
Unrelenting tears
That forever rain!

Dear poetry.. Thank you
Without your psychic succor
Your soothing
Feather-like shoulders
De-cluttering life's boulders
To welcome slumbers
People will be lost
In the forests
Of their knotted lives
Ceasing to remain sane
Through unending strife

Note: This is written impromptu for my son, who has not been much into Poetry until now. Today, he said "I wonder how it is to lose urself in Poetry". Hence this write, to someday let him know that losing myself in Poetry, has what has helped me over the years of relentless strife, both professionally and personally. The pain, real or imagined, for the person going through it, its of course real, needing a release. Poetry has been that release valve for me, to overcome my pressures. I hope he develops this ability to pour himself out through poetry, so he can face life without fear of being wrong, making mistakes, or avoiding to risk failures, that make a person, become and remain, human!

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