Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spare a Moment's Insight

Look into the future
how can you not see?
Evaporating dreams
of future generations
Slowly but surely vanishing
like the morn’s early dew

A material world possessed
Fervent with a fanatic desire
to ravenously consume
and impervious to reason
How can we be passers-by
Ignoring passionate voices

Compressed natural cycles
Indomitable droughts and floods
monster hurricanes and hunger
Casting a tightening noose
on derelict human-kind
Expediting apocalypse

Why then be comforted
by snake-oil claims
Selfish and unashamedly wooed
lulled into complacence
When all it takes is momentary
reflection and introspection?

Sample STEM concepts: Reflection, Ethics

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