Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey Man! You Can..

Back in the distant land of mine
With every year that passes by
We wait for the monsoon to come
And fill our streams with water
Which turn into beds of stone..

We wait for days and months
until the showers come
Pouring for days and nights
Turning the barren land of ours
Into tiny islands between streams..

Then the rains disappear
And so do the streams
And we wait..
For the monsoons again..

Such has been my life
Like the land I come from
Happy for a tiny moment
A beautiful and priceless
island of peoples dreams...

When the seas are low
Amidst the oceans of sorrow
And with the next wave
It disappears into the unknown
But not dead for long..

It bounces back yet once again
Some where on the vast surface
of earthly life..
Reminding me...
Hey Man.. You can..

Sample STEM concepts: Perseverance / Regeneration

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