Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Love and Embarrassment

Caught you for a second in passing
Just, just a bit by the blink of my eye
Yet felt like a bolt of lightning
Knock all my senses down

Felt my ever-reasoning mind
Stop and shudder in revolting chaos
My legs stopped obeying
Heart raced in pure excitement

Resistance silenced and succumbed
Invisible magic of pure treason
Pleasurable sweet revolts in millions
Floodgates open to mutinies all round
…Shaken, stirred and gripped

Exhilaration inexplicable to any reason
Crumble battle hardened indomitable fences
Downed by your soft hand’s warmth
Lost like ice in searing desert sands
…yet…. Longing for more…

Ah! What pleasurable pains…
What invisible sights…
What indescribable feelings…
A divine moment?
.. nah! Embarrassment…

Sample STEM concepts: Biology

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Viji said...

A good one indeed