Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Immigrant travails

When I was young
Heard my teachers’ talk
What ones’ life is about
Think, they said,
Make the right choices
And stick with ones
that’ll success portend
Choices that will never
your life’s promises betray!

True.. sheer hard work, and
hours of tireless sweat
made each success
so much more sweeter
Life as a student,
choosing a career,
or even a partner in life,
as.. success lined all.. and
everything in between

But now, why, oh! why!
Do I still feel lost?
Invisible thorns prick,
haunting my waking hours
As I travel a fragrance-filled path
lined by a million flowers
Why do I now always have
two correct choices
to all of life’s questions?

Neither here, nor there,
Heart in two lands
Body in one
Chasm so deep
In an ocean full of islands
Life of a train track waiting
For that forgotten train
To feel whole again

Brutal choice to have
Caring for ones’ that helped
you reach for the stars
And roll in the magical dust
of unadulterated success
Or the ones that now bring
Joy to your every day
Beautiful choices, yet
Burning you from inside

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