Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Of course, Opposites attract

Fiery orange rock
Wondrous tryst
With the cold moon
Sustains enigmatic earth

Beautiful mystic moon
Wondrous tryst
With turquoise blue oceans
Energizes invisible winds

Silken smooth winds
Wondrous tryst
With floating cotton lumps
Supports life-giving rain

Precious silvery liquid
Wondrous trust
With soft tiny seeds
Births strong hard trees

Tall evergreen trees
Wondrous tryst
With colorless sticky clay
Leads to colorful fruits

Sweet delicious fruits
Wondrous trust
With your sense of smell
Awakens insatiable hunger

Your feelings of hunger
Wondrous tryst
With my brusque sense of valor
Fosters feelings of comfort

Mutual feelings of comfort
Wondrous tryst
With irreversible tides of time
Builds magical love
… Opposites attract

Sample STEM concepts: Solar system, life

1 comment:

Manju said...

beautifully expressed how the opposite attracts....liked how ur poetry moved from 1st stanza to the last.