Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Philosophy of Three..

Between the extremes of visual zones three
Lies the magic gift of rainbow hues to see
Between the extremes of audible aural cues
Wrapped is the beautiful gift of hearing you
Within the enclosed edges of lines three
Pythagoras begun the world of geometry
With the eyes of artificial moons’ three
Modern man charts humankind’s destiny
Energies shaping this world for you and me
The moon worked all the might of its gravity
Raging seas carved the first peaks and valleys
Balanced tilt lets life root and four seasons be
So is love that begins with force so fiery
Immense at first, to build our joint destinies
But needs space and time to grow complete
When perfected, life is filled with harmony
So began, you me and our tryst with destiny
Your love gave life, we share in all its beauty
Your leash is turning my world queasy
With deep roots, lets embark to shape humanity
Give me space, give me my time sweet honey
Do learn from these abundant philosophies of three
Neither life nor death, I’m somewhere in between
My yes’s and no’s are maybes now, don’t you see!

Sample STEM concepts: Physics, Math, Sciences, Philosophy

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