Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Moonshine

Poets who about love write
Never miss the moon by night
They say it stands for beauty
Personified by its charming calmness
But I don't feel they are right
Deep inside I see a better sight
Since I have known u my sweety
And u did my life with love bless
I wish we could hold tight
You glow more than the moon at night
And bring out loves' beauty
With a fresh air of happiness!!

I long for the day we would meet
And dream of how we will greet
Time will stun and stand still
Clocks will forget to tick and roll
The first kiss, wont it be sweet
Frozen forever as our life's treat
Memories will our hearts chill
When we later memory's lane stroll
Life always seems to badly cheat
Letting us have no sweet retreat
Even if love does our hearts fill
Life has displayed its cruel droll

Sample STEM concepts: Relativity, Need for Patience

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